Davis D4 | Prototype + Product Design


Inventors, builders, makers, product designers or developers, whatever the title, our team is cut from the same cloth. We love to hear an individual's new idea and help bring it to fruition. We know how frustrating it can be when you have been struck by a great idea that is difficult to articulate or physically show your friends, family and potential investors.

We utilize years of experience and training to fully benefit our clients as we work through the iterative process of molding ideas into working designs.

Davis D4 | Prototype + Product Dimension


As your idea matures along its path to product, it will be documented and iterated multiple times. Boasting a team that is experienced in multiple Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software, we offer the ability to quickly edit and adjust your design.

This CAD experience, coupled with an unrivaled understanding of the current additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies, allows for iteration of prototypes at a breathtaking pace.

As your idea comes to life through prototyping, we will begin to solidify that level of design and document it in 2D Drawings that follow international standards of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T).

Davis D4 | Prototype + Product Develop


When a design is mature enough to document, dimensions of that particular design will be locked in place, and the next step will be physical manufacturing. Moving from initial idea to a final design can take multiple iterations and prototypes.

Years of hands-on experience in additive (3D printing) and subtractive (CNC machine) manufacturing technologies provides our team with the insights and understanding to recommend the best manufacturing process for the current design iteration. 

After your idea is manufactured, the real development testing begins. Whether this is physical testing and/or customer focus group based, our team will be available to assist you in the qualification of your design. We will provide an unbiased perspective and make recommendations on how to best improve your product to bring it to whatever market you so choose.