Visual Branding + Logo

the visual elements that give your brand a unique identity in a crowded market

DavisD4 | Visual Branding + Strategy

Strategy Call

We start every Visual Branding + Logo project with a 30-Minute Strategy Call. This call helps us understand you and your brand, as well as ensure that we are the best fit for you!

We will send you a survey before the call to see where you are at with your Visual Branding + Logo and where we can offer our help. Our survey helps ensure our Strategy Call together is meaningful and that we ensure we fully understand your brand.

DavisD4 | Visual Branding + Strategy

Primary Logo

A Primary Logo is the main logo that will be used for your Visual Branding. It is what your customers will recognise as your “official” logo.

You logo will be the first thing your customers associate with you brand. It often helps them decide whether or not to purchase a product.

DavisD4 | Visual Branding + Strategy

Alternative Logo

An Alternative Logo allows your brand to have more variety when designing.

There are certain times where it may be more appropriate to use your Alternative Logo vs your Primary Logo.

When there are design constraints or small spaces are examples of when it might be a good idea to use an Alternative Logo.

DavisD4 | Visual Branding + Logo

Color Palette

Color is a great way for your brand to express its personality. Color is the number one component an audience remembers about a brand, thus making it one of the most important aspects of Visual Branding.

In the Strategy Call Survey, you will have answered questions about how you want your customers to perceive your brand. Your answers to these questions will help us to create a Colour Palette that offers your customers the brand personality you intended for them to associate with.

DavisD4 | Visual Branding + Logo

REcommended Fonts

Fonts can enhance your design or graphics, grab your customers attention or guide them along.

Having a primary font, that is used for headers and titles, and a secondary font that is used for paragraph text is a great way to keep things cohesive.

We select Fonts that play well with the Color Palette and ultimate personality you want for your brand.

DavisD4 | Visual Branding + Logo

Style Guide

We created all of these beautiful elements for you, you didn’t think we would leave you guessing how to use them did you?

We carefully craft a Style Guide for your brand that helps ensure you feel comfortable using the elements on your own.

DavisD4 | Visual Branding + Strategy

Refinment x2 rounds

We always want to make sure you are getting exactly what you asked for. That’s why we go through two different refinement rounds where we get your feedback on what you are loving and what you’re not so sure about.

Based on your feedback we will make adjustments to make sure we are getting everything just right!